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Top Heroine's Name in US Night Life?

Top Heroine's Name in US Night Life?

We keep hearing about some low-rung starlets turning escorts to earn some quick bucks. Such news come out regularly whenever a big Telugu event happens in USA.

However, only actresses who have no offers, or character actresses with dire requirement of money indulge in such activities in USA. The country provides them enough privacy and secrecy. 

A shocking news has come out recently.

As per the buzz in USA among NRIs, a big actress's name is also being heard. It is completely shocking to hear the name of this actress who is still in much demand in Telugu and Tamil films.

Generally we don't hear the names of big actresses in this salacious matters. Moreover, the actress is taking home huge remuneration each film.

However, our sources says this beauty who hails from Mumbai charged 50k dollars for her companionship. This is HUGE amount. 

The actress who is known for her sexual appeal with her moonlit eyes is a dream girl for many youngsters. It is hard to believe this news.

Let's hope that it is mere rumor created by brokers to attract customers. Many such gullible tricks happen. 



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