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The Tragic Tale Of Producer Jayakrishna

Cinema is a world of selling and seeing dreams but not all dreams turn to reality and when it strikes life sucks. There are many examples in Tollywood like that. 

One among them is Jayakrishna. He started his career as a worker and then as a makeup artist. He lived like a king and very soon he became a producer also.

He made many films with many heroes. He has the credit of putting the first makeup to megastar Chiranjeevi and holds the record of starting five films in a day. 

However, times changed, bad luck entered and repeated failures brought him on pavement. Thirteen years ago, Jayakrishna purchased a film called ‘Abhay’ for 48 lakhs and suffered heavy damages. Now…where is he.

Manikonda has become the latest hub for film folks and in that there is a joint called ‘Bheemas’ wherein the cine folks keep meeting up for tea sessions and discuss about many things. 

On one corner, a frail looking man with white beard and moustache is seen reminiscing his past memories. He is Jayakrishna. 

Today, Jayakrishna is penniless but over the years, he earned some good friends and thanks to their patronage he is getting along with his life sharing his past glories. Sad but true…