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TDP Leaders Putting Pressure on Balayya!

TDP Leaders Putting Pressure on Balayya!

Now that even hard-core TDP newspaper like Andhra Jyothy has written in sly manner that the first part of NTR Biopic is filled with many errors and is told in passive way, the Telugu Desam leaders have started putting pressure on Balakrishana to make the second part in best manner possible.

Political buzz is that the election code will be implemented from 1st March and campaigning of the parties will start from Feb end itself for Andhra Pradesh assembly elections.

So, they want to use the dialogues from the second part of NTR Biopic in election campaigning since “NTR Mahanayakudu” will solely focus on NTR’s political journey.

The dialogues against Congress party will not be seen in the second part even though NT Rama Rao relentlessly slammed the party in his time.

With TDP having an alliance with Congress now, such dialogues in the film would put them in trouble politically.

Hence, some TDP leaders who are close to Balakrishna recently suggested to put dialogues that would help their party at this moment, and avoid anything about criticizing Congress.

The movie’s release date has already been pushed from Feb 7 to Feb 14th. If the second part also gets lukewarm response like the first part did, TDP will be in a spot. Hence they are putting pressure. Will the highly temperamental Balayya listen to them?

On the other hand, Krish is also under immense pressure as he lost the name after the colossal failure of the first part.

The second part also doesn’t have much craze among the common audiences.

Krish hoped that he would join the next league of directors but the Biopic of NTR is not going to help him anyway.



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