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She is Single and Back to Her Guru's fold!

She is Single and Back to Her Guru's fold!

This Telugu-speaking actress fell in love with a small-time actor of other language and planned to marry him.

However, like most filmy romances, their love ended abruptly. Differences between them paved way to breakup.

To get married, she has slimmed down and had stopped accepting Telugu films for some time.

Now that she is single, she is trying to get as many as offers she can get. She is now seeking help of her former guru to have a good career.

Her guru is popular for setting up films, than his creative or writing skills. He is a shrewd businessman and has already set up a big project for her.

We will be seeing more of her now on. The joke in the industry is that every heroine should have a guru who would help when the life goes tough.



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