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Shankar Is Not Happy With 2.0 Outcome?

Shankar Is Not Happy With 2.0 Outcome?

After Pad Man’s team postponed their release to the second week of February, another Akshay Kumar film may go through the routine. 2.0,  the sequel to Robo which also stars Rajinikanth may be delayed.

Sources inform that the VFX on the film is still taking time and director Shankar is not happy with the outcome.

“Shankar does not want to compromise on what is the most expensive and sought-after film in Indian cinema till date.

After Robo, this film obviously has to be bigger and better. They have already postponed the release once from the Republic Day weekend.

The chances of the film being postponed is high because he wants some changes in the VFX and hence that will take time.

The Tamil Film Producers Council and the Telugu Film Chamber too are monitoring it closely so that other films can be placed accordingly,” says a trade source.

However, the team is yet to make an official announcement. 



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