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Shaking News: Ram Charan- Pawan Kalyan- Shankar Combo

Shaking News: Ram Charan- Pawan Kalyan- Shankar Combo

Here is the breaking and shaking news confirmed by the reliable sources. A sensational high budget film is being planned in the combination of Ram Charan and Pawan Kalyan with Shankar as the director. 

This will surely become the most talked about film after RRR in Tollywood. 

Ram Charan and Pawan Kalyan acting in same film will be the first sensation. When the South India's star director Shankar’s name adds to it, it hits the sky. 

Almost everything is finalized now except a formal reading of the script to Pawan Kalyan. If he Okays officially, then the project will be announced. 

Though Ram Charan is the main lead in the film, Pawan Kalyan will have lengthy role on par. This is a no-graphics film by Shankar.

It goes something on the lines of the films Shankar made in 1990s with strong story line and emotional screenplay. So, the shoot part will be completed soon. 

Shankar's Indian#2 was stalled due to Kamal Hassan's busy political activity. Meanwhile he wishes to start and finish this film.

So, after RRR and Acharya, Ram Charan is going to work with Shankar.

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