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Sex Racket: Actresses Did $6 Million Biz

Sex Racket: Actresses Did $6 Million Biz

Many shocking and interesting details are coming out from the recent sex racket bust.

The amount of business (clients’ spending money on the actresses for buying sex) that the couple Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandra Kala did will astonish everyone.

Within short span of time, they have done nearly $6 million business on luring actresses and TV anchors.

Charging $2000 to $3000 per one stint with an actress, the couple are said to have done this whopping $6 million business in the last two years.

Some big politicians who came from India to USA to attend Telugu events are also said to have taken the services of these couple.

The highest earning an actress did is half a million dollars. Most others earned in the range of 100k to 300k.


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