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Ravi Teja Walks Out Of Geetha Arts Project Over Paycheck Issues

Ravi Teja Walks Out Of Geetha Arts Project Over Paycheck Issues

Ravi Teja was supposed to star in Maruthi’s next film for GA2 Pictures. However, Ravi Teja has reportedly walked out of it before it is officially announced.

Raviteja has put four conditions regarding his payment and the production agreed to none.

According to reports, Ravi Teja demanded Rs 12 Cr remuneration as single payment or Rs 13 Cr remuneration if they pay in instalments.

He agreed to do the film for Rs 10 Cr remuneration plus twenty percent share in profits or the profit percentage that he asks for after the project is finished.

GA2 Pictures didn’t agree to any of the above conditions and simply told that they would pay Nizam rights plus twenty percent share or he should tell whatever percentage he wants before the project commences.

Ravi Teja got miffed by this and decided not to go ahead with the film.

Maruthi should now find another mid-range star who is ready to take up this project without much delay. None of the notable stars are currently available due to prior commitments. 

Probably, Ravi Teja is aware of it and is demanding for high remuneration despite his recent track record.

His upcoming Krack is making good buzz and Ravi Teja has reportedly taken Rs 12 Cr as a single payment for his next film Khiladi with Ramesh Varma.

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