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'Rang De' Director Insulted Brahmins?

'Rang De' Director Insulted Brahmins?

There are many Telugu films that have shown Brahmins in a bad light. After some serious agitations, many filmmakers have been taking extra care while dealing with the caste elements in scenes or dialogues. 

Now Venky Atluri, the director of "Rang De" touched the sentiments of some Brahmins on the wrong side by implying that they are meat eaters and can be easily fooled. He named the character of Vennela Kishore as Adavi Sastry and used him as a bakara. 

Vennela Kishore's character was shown not wearing sacred thread in a shirtless scene and also projected him in another scene as a meat eater. 

Sastry asks for chicken and picks up on his plate once he finds it on the dining table. Venky Atluri might have considered this as comedy. But some Brahmins are hurt watching this. 

"There wouldn't have been any problem had the name was not 'Sastry'. This is like a targeted attack", says a Brahmin audience. 

Someone tried to cover it by saying "Many Brahmins are neither wearing sacred thread nor adhering to vegetarian food these days. The character of Vennela Kishore is one among such Brahmins. Take it that way". 

To this, the Brahmin audience argued, "May such people go to hell. No film director has any right to tarnish a community by showing its unfollowers. We condemn this on behalf of the Brahmin Community". 

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