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'Queen Pins' in Tollywood Flesh Trade

'Queen Pins' in Tollywood Flesh Trade

It has been widely discussed that the sexual exploitation of girls under the guise of offering film acting opportunities is common everywhere.

Countless girls come from different parts of the state, settling in hostels while seeking opportunities. Initially, they dream of becoming heroines, but gradually, they realize that even small roles, like sidekicks to heroines, would suffice.

However, due to a lack of required talent and looks, they often end up with no opportunities. At this point, they encounter men who praise them and promise to secure them roles.

Clinging to such hopes, they rely on these men and may even become intimate with them, not realizing the grave mistake they are making.

Slowly, these men introduce the girls to 'queen pins'—some senior character artists in the film industry. Since these queen pins are women and have a clean, popular image, the girls start trusting them and feel they are in the right hands.

Gradually, these 'queen pins' begin brainwashing them about how to succeed in the film industry and attract directors and producers. They advise the girls to be socially active by attending parties and pubs where big financiers, producers, and directors are present.

In the process, these queen pins line up such girls for Telugu Association get-togethers in the USA with the sponsorship of some NRIs, birthday parties in places like Goa and Bengaluru, and similar events. Ultimately, the task given to these queen pins is to bring girls to them, for which they are paid handsomely.

These girls don’t feel threatened or obligated to spend time with other men because they have already been brainwashed into thinking this is all part of professional growth.

But the girls don’t realize that there is law and order above all. Once they are caught in any narcotics raid, their lives will be ruined.

They may assume they are not into drugs, but there are people who make them consume drugs in the form of a few puffs of smoke or a pill in a soft drink.

Some girls find it acceptable to take drugs when they see popular figures or their own queen pins consuming them, and thus they too get addicted.

Forget about the acting profession; many girls are ruining their lives in drugs and the flesh trade in the hope of becoming film artists.

They don’t realize that the flesh trade is a place of low self-respect and high risk, involving men with sadistic mindsets and perversions. All this fetches them nothing but a few bucks. Once they lose their prime age, they are discarded mercilessly.

A few years ago, a popular film actress was caught in a sting operation where she was directing a girl to wear tight jeans and attract men. She was also seen advising such girls to enter the flesh trade.

Once the sting operation was exposed, the queen pin actress herself went off the radar, which spoiled her career as well.

In the world of cinema, women are always the primary targets, and one has to be doubly careful to keep their dreams and hopes in check.

This serves as an alarm bell for both the girls and the queen pins, as both are women indoctrinated and intoxicated by the lecherous men around them.


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