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Poonam Behind Kathi Questions?

Poonam Behind Kathi Questions?

Well, there is a saying that anything is fair in love and war. Now, for a long time, Poonam Kaur has been claiming that she is an ardent fan of Pawan Kalyan.

While her film career is nothing much to talk about, Poonam surely has grabbed enough headlines for a lifetime with one controversy.

On the face of it, the controversy was triggered by some comments made by Kathi Mahesh, a film critic.

Prior to this, Kathi has no experience of writing stories based on gossip or information gathered from the industry. He was happy writing film reviews. But suddenly, he kick-started a controversy involving none other than Pawan Kalyan. 

In all the six questions that have been thrown at Pawan Kalyan and Poonam Kaur by Kathi, only one piece of gossip was written about in the past. And that was about Pawan Kalyan recommending Poonam Kaur's name as brand ambassador for AP Handlooms.

Another bit of gossip that did make some news was about Poonam Kaur's mother talking to Pawan Kalyan in the past.

However, the other questions surely fall into the 'never heard before' category. Poonam trying to commit suicide, Pawan Kalyan paying her hospital bill, his anger over Trivikram -- these are points that Kathi has stressed upon time and again during a chat on a television channel.

In fact, during his television appearances, Kathi has been insisting that the entire controversy will help Poonam Kaur. He has also claimed that he has enough proofs for his version of the story.

Now, this entire 'on-screen drama' has generated enough gossip in film industry. Many feel that Poonam Kaur could have provided the necessary information to Kathi to get her way.

Also, there are already many stories about Poonam's style of functioning in the industry. So putting two and two together, industry insiders and Pawan fans feel it is a controversy raked up for personal gains.

In the world of politics and cinema, anything is possible!



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