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Pawan Kalyan Fans Upset With Surya

Pawan Kalyan Fans Upset With Surya

Pawan Kalyan fans are upset with actor Surya for a reason. It is known that Surya starring "Jai Bhim" is making big sound in entire India for releasing in multiple languages and that too on the Amazon prime.

It is known that this OTT platform has got wide reach in entire nation and that made many watch the film. 

The concept in the film and the intensity with which it was made pulled the attention of many. 

Now Pawan Kalyan fans are upset for seeing this. They are in the mood that had this film been not made into Telugu, Pawan Kalyan would have remade it in his style like vakeel Saab or Bheemla Nayak. 

The fans feel that they missed a mass masala version of the film with a heroine to romance and some fights from their favorite star. 

It is known that Pawan Kalyan has been doing only remakes these days and not daring to work on anything original for the fear of time consumption and uncertain results.

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