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Pawan Fans Did More Damage to Agnyaathavaasi

Pawan Fans Did More Damage to Agnyaathavaasi

Fans usually defend any work of their favorite actors. They try to keep the buzz positive even for the flop films of their matinee idols. However, there would be rare instances where even fans are totally miffed at the film featuring their favorite star.

Sadly, Agnyaathavaasi happened to be such rare event that has sent down shivers down the spines of its investors.

Public screenings of Agnyaathavaasi started as early as 1 AM on its release day. Therefore, the word of mouth is out by the time regular shows kicked off.

Negative talk spread like wildfire by the early hours of January 10 that it started showing its effect by the matinee shows in many areas.

Fans that are totally miffed and disappointed with Trivikram’s Agnyaathavaasi started posting negative reviews and their disappointment through video clips on the social media.

Such video bytes went viral in no time and they have done more damage to the film more than anything.

When diehard fans confess that the film is disappointing anti fans and neutrals will surely stay away from it.

Family audiences that are very choosy about picking the right film will not even bother to watch that movie.

Why are Pawan fans so disappointed with Agnyaathavaasi to an extent that they have posted such negative reviews on the social media?

Fans didn’t bother much about Pawan’s previous flops like Sardaar and Katamarayudu as they are aware of Trivikram’s film in the offing.

They believed that Trivikram’s film will be a sure shot blockbuster like Attarintiki Daredi. They didn’t even have an iota of doubt about the film’s output as Trivikram is one of the most reliable directors. They couldn’t take it when Trivikram had let them down big time.

The disappointment of Pawan’s previous films and Agnyaathavaasi piled up to a level where they couldn’t hide it anymore. They vented out their frustration in various ways, which in turn did more damage to the box office prospects of the film than anything else. 



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