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Old Producers In 'Affair' With Young Actresses

Old Producers In 'Affair' With Young Actresses

He is an aging producer, but he is still living with youthful desires. This producer is spending cozy time with a female artiste in Mumbai.

The actress, known for portraying memorable characters in films, left an indelible mark with her distinctive voice. Together, the producer and actress spent time in Mumbai.

In truth, the details might have remained secret. But recently, individuals from our film industry have been shuttling between Mumbai and Hyderabad for promotional and business activities related to their films.

During these visits, they encountered the aforementioned producer and actress, and the ensuing gossip resonated loudly in Tollywood.

In a similar vein, there exists another producer. He chooses to fly abroad for safety to indulge in carnal pleasures.

For the New Year, he flew to a nearby small country, where the arrangements were made. Interestingly, it appears that a junior artiste, desiring no connection with this producer, independently booked her own ticket and secured a room in the same hotel.

Thus, the producer embarked on the journey alone without leaving any suspicion in travel details. They spend time together in the same hotel and return on respective flights back to Hyderabad.

Well, they have money, desire, and a place to spend a 'great' time. All that they need is privacy. So, let us respect it and leave them as they are.


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