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NTR Upset With Trivikram's Double Game

NTR Upset With Trivikram's Double Game

The gossip about the cancellation of NTR-Trivikram's proposed movie is official news now. 

But there are two versions to it.

Trivikram's camp says that both the hero and the director have come to a gentlemen agreement and postponed the project. 

The idea is to do a movie each before joining together to make one. They also say that this decision is only for not being able to make out what sort of film has to be made after RRR with NTR. 

On the other hand, NTR's camp is saying something different. 

They say that already Trivikram has narrated three different story lines and NTR okayed two of them. But finally Trivikram came to narrate the fourth line keeping the first two okayed lines aside.

Not only that, Trivikram has narrated the first two scripts to Ram Charan and Mahesh Babu also. Both the actors have okayed the respective lines. 

This double game has distrubed NTR and hence he called off the proposed project with Trivikram.

Whatever be the narrative, it is clear that NTR-Trivikram project is shelved. An official announcement is going to come out shortly regarding Trivikram- Mahesh movie. 

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