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NTR And Kalyan Ram Not In Good Terms?

NTR And Kalyan Ram Not In Good Terms?

Both NTR and Kalyan Ram are brothers, sharing a profound connection and treading similar paths in the film industry. However, recent whispers in Tollywood suggest a potential communication gap between the two.

The reasons for this gap remain unclear, leaving fans curious and speculating about the underlying issues.

As Kalyan Ram's 'Devil' release approaches, fans anticipate NTR's presence at the pre-release event. However, reports indicate that despite knowing about the scheduled event, NTR has planned a tour during the same period, with the intention to avoid it.

In the realm of social media, it is customary for celebrities to express support for movies they appreciate.

NTR tweeted about his brother-in-law's movie, "Mad," but remained silent on "Devil." Additionally, from June to mid-August, NTR refrained from posting any tweets, including on Kalyan Ram's birthday in July.

This is in contrast to other celebrities like Mahesh and Chiranjeevi, who actively engage on social media, acknowledging special occasions.

Rajiv Kanakala's son, Roshan, is set to debut as the hero in "Bubble Gum." Surprisingly, NTR did not tweet about this, despite Rajiv being known as a close friend.

If NTR tweets about some films and omits 'Devil,' the omission may attract attention. So industry sources speculate that NTR made it a point not to tweet about any film to avoid the criticism that he omitted only 'Devil' from his list.

Gossip further suggests that the alleged gap between Kalyan Ram and NTR may be related to the film "Devara," in which Kalyan Ram has a production partnership. Reports hint at minor issues during the film's production, contributing to the rumored discord.

To get clarity about these speculations, either NTR and Kalyan Ram or their close friends should know.

Notably, when we consulted Nani from the NTR PR team for clarity on this, he laughed off and dismissed the rumors, stating that their bond remains unchanged. He emphasized that the brotherly relationship between NTR and Kalyan Ram is as strong as ever.


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