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No Craze, No Remuneration?

No Craze, No Remuneration?

Heroines are about glamour and flashing a million dollar smile. But as is known, the life of a heroine is no easy one.

Though they look happy and content on the face of it, they do have various problems, which our films aptly refer to as 'cinema kashtalu'. Recently, one such story of a heroine has been doing rounds.

She made her debut with a huge hit. The film had a sports background and she received many awards for it. She even made a grand entry in Telugu. However, after that, she hasn't been getting any offers.

Her life here has been restricted to award functions and stage shows. But the beauty recently managed to bag a film.

Though she did get a good role, she hasn't managed to make any money out of it. After paying for her conveyance charges, the unit happily washed their hands off her.

The producer too has been bragging about paying her a paltry Rs 5 lakh. To add salt to her injury, he has been talking around that giving her a chance was more than enough.

What is worse is that the film has another heroine. She has some star value and she is being paid around Rs 1 crore for the same film.

The said girl can take up the issue with producers' council. But she is worried about losing chances in the long run.

Poor girl, she is unable to share her agony fearing rejection in the industry.



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