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Mega Hero Trapped B'ween Uncle And Uncle's Friend

Mega Hero Trapped B'ween Uncle And Uncle's Friend

Trivikram has established himself as a dominant figure in Tollywood, exerting control over production banners such as Haarika Haasini and movie stars like Pawan Kalyan.

His sphere of influence continues to grow as more production houses fall under his influence due to his exceptional project-setting abilities.

However, this has caused some concern among industry insiders, particularly a mega hero who fears that Trivikram's influence could negatively impact his career.

It is known that a project was lined up in which Trivikram is collaborating with Pawan Kalyan, with Sai Dharam as the secondary lead.

People's Media is slated to produce the film, but no significant progress has been made. In fact, Sai Dharam has been instructed to abstain from other projects until this one is completed.

The status of the film remains uncertain, leading some to wonder about its potential impact on Sai Dharam's career. Many say that Sai Dharam is trapped in between his uncle Pawan Kalyan and uncle's friend Trivikram. 

Sai Dharam suffered a severe accident, but was fortunate enough to survive. He was supposed to have appeared in several films by now, but the impending Trivikram project has complicated matters.

Fans of both Sai Dharam and Pawan Kalyan are showing their frustration towards Trivikram, who they feel is jeopardizing the careers of their favorite stars.

There are those who question Trivikram's involvement in the careers of others, instead of focusing on his own projects with respect. This has led to a decline in Trivikram's reputation, causing some of his own fans to question his actions.


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