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Man Of Moods Creating Trouble For Vakeel Saab?

Man Of Moods Creating Trouble For Vakeel Saab?

Initially it was thought that the film 'Vakeel Saab' may be released by this Sankranthi. But as per the present status, the shoot is still incomplete.

The Flash back episodes have to be shot and also a song shoot is pending. The proposed song is scheduled to shoot in Pollacchi.

It seems that Dil Raju is not daring to spell out his worries being faced by Pawan Kalyan. 

As per the grapevine, Pawan never says 'no' to any shoot proposal, but at the last minute he cancels and postpones. The same was heard during Agnathavasi shoot as well. Now again it is being heard now.

On the other hand Krish's film was also stopped. Ayyappan Kozhiyum remake was started but no one knows how it goes further. 

Pawan never shows the interest in completing the movies as he shows interest in starting them; the fate of his films depend on his mood, say sources.

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