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Is Ravi Teja Film Shelved?

Is Ravi Teja Film Shelved?

Ravi Teja and Gopichand Malineni have teamed up for the fourth time, and their film was recently released on a grand scale.

Moreover, the makers unveiled key crew details in a unique manner through social media, aiming to generate significant buzz around the project.

The regular shoot for the film was scheduled to commence today but has been canceled. This has sparked speculation that the production company, Mythri Movie Makers, is reconsidering the film's substantial budget.

Some social media reports even suggested that the film has been shelved, while others claimed it has been temporarily put on hold.

However, insiders reveal that the regular filming of the movie will commence in December rather than now. There is no intention to shelve it entirely.

Despite Ravi Teja’s recent films, including “Tiger Nageswara Rao,” facing setbacks, his market hasn't completely diminished. He still holds a robust presence in the Telugu market.


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