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Is Danayya Not The Producer Of RRR?

Is Danayya Not The Producer Of RRR?

Shobhu Yarlagadda, the producer of Baahubali, continues to stand by Rajamouli's side even during RRR events abroad. DVV Danayya is the producer of RRR, but he has not been visible and his name has not been mentioned in tweets from Rajamouli and Co. 

A producer is crucial to a film's success, as they secure funding, sign contracts, and spend sleepless nights under tension.

Despite the RRR team traveling to international venues for almost two months, Danayya did not appear. Rajamouli may be responsible for mentioning his name and tagging DVV Entertainment in tweets. 

But he didn't. Rajamouli is focussing only himself, his son and brother Keeravani and none else. He didn't even bother to project lyricist Chandrabose as well who had already won the Golden Globe Award. 

There have been rumors that Danayya has shown disinterest in spending the hefty amounts to promote RRR on international platforms for the purpose of Oscar Award, and that Rajamouli has taken on this burden himself. There is talk of an agreement to divert the income generated from the release in Japan and Russia towards Oscar expenditure. 

It is rumored that 17 crores has gone to the Golden Globe awards alone towards liasoning, air tickets, parties, and promotions, with a total cost so far of 10 million dollars (upto Rs 83 crores).

This is a significant investment for a Telugu film to rush onto international platforms, but Rajamouli has no loss here, as the next film with Mahesh Babu can be marketed in such a way to compensate that amount easily.


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