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Hindi Actors Minting Money With Telugu Films

Hindi Actors Minting Money With Telugu Films

Our films have a strong presence in the Hindi market. Additionally, if a film belongs to a common genre, it can be released in Hindi as well, broadening its reach.

To capitalize on such opportunities, hiring Hindi actors can prove beneficial. This approach is currently being applied in Telugu movies, leading to Hindi actors commanding high rates.

For instance, Saif Ali Khan is reportedly receiving a remuneration of 14 crores for the NTR-Koratala Siva combination film "Devara." Janhvi Kapoor, on the other hand, is being offered four crores for her role in the same film.

Mrunal Thakur, who has appeared as the leading lady in several Telugu movies, is earning a remuneration of over three crores.

In the latest development, Sanjay Dutt is rumored to be paid 10 crores for his role in the movie "Double iSmart" of Puri-Ram.

Ultimately, it is evident that actors are attracted to our film industry due to the immense craze they enjoy among the audience. Moreover, the non-theatrical market also plays a significant role in their interest.

Striking a balance between these factors is crucial for mutual benefit.


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