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Heroine Warned Big Hero To Get Down From Caravan

Heroine Warned Big Hero To Get Down From Caravan

It is known that heroes and heroines spend time in their respective caravans during the shot gaps. Generally heroes don’t get to heroines' caravans without permission. They avoid such things to prevent the spread of gossip. 

If there is something very important to discuss, heroes go to heroine's caravans along with director. 

But now a gossip is being heard off late. A top Tollywood hero faced a bitter experience for stepping into a heroine’s caravan.

The hero stepped into heroine’s caravan for an unknown reason. But within two minutes the heroine shouted and told the hero to get out from the caravan. The hero was hurt and from then onwards he has been maintaining distance with that heroine. 

The actual thing what happened inside is not known but there are gossips that this heroine is under the shadow of another young popular hero and two-three directors and that is the reason for her attitude.

On the other hand some are supporting the heroine stating that the hero might have taken advantage taking some things for granted.

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