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Gossip: Young Director's Live-In With Heroine

Gossip: Young Director's Live-In With Heroine

Live-in relations are the flavour of Tollywood nowadays and they found a new name, it is called ‘Living Together’. What once used to be a one-off case some years ago has now become common place. 

In the recent days a new instance of such a relationship has come to light. This new live-in is between a director and the heroine of his film.

The director had recently released a film with great difficulty, though the film was not so great it managed to get some positive reviews and based on this he has now bagged a new film. 

The new film apparently has three new heroines, but the irony of it is that he has not selected his live-in partner in this film.

Now, one doesn’t know why, despite the fun he is having with the heroine in his personal life he has excluded the beauty from the film. 

Meanwhile, the heroine has not been keeping quiet, she is having her career shaped-up by accepting films of other directors. Both the director and the heroine are eating their cake and having it too.

What fun!

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