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Gossip: This Heroine Sends 'Signals' To Makers!

Gossip: This Heroine Sends 'Signals' To Makers!

Talent alone doesn’t fetch offers in the film industry. Luck and other factors play a big role. An actress has chalked out a different strategy to gain a foothold in the industry. She is betting high on her glamor.

We are talking about an actress who hails from North India. Through her manager, she is developing friendships with the filmmakers. Insiders say the makers are receiving mixed signals from her.

She doesn’t openly state anything. Whether she is trying to woo or seduce, the receiver can infer. But she has been laying the condition that they must give her a role in their films.

This could be the reason why she is not getting many offers despite having a slender personality and fair complexion.

But she is going ahead with her new strategy, which she believes would work for her.

Interestingly, some say she was the same heroine whose video went viral recently. She was seen with a young hero in the video expressing her love for him through eye contact. What’s cooking?


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