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Gossip: Hero Wants Bigger Pic Than Heroine's

Gossip: Hero Wants Bigger Pic Than Heroine's

There is an aged hero in Tollywood. He is known for his self centric image and always feels over pride about himself. 

A senior editor of a News daily shared off the record that he is always concerned about the phone call from that hero who shouts at him for a simple reason.

It seems that the hero feels insulted of his picture is published in smaller size when compared to that of any heroine in the news paper. 

"We publish different news and use related pictures in different sizes. We generally print the pictures of actresses in larger size for glamor quotient.

But when we present any news related to this hero, we make sure that no other glam picture is published in that edition that day.

He thinks too much about himself and shouts at us with insulting words if we dont act according to his interest", shared the editor recently.

In fact, the whims and fancies of some big heroes know no bounds. They can trouble anyone assuming they are above everyone. 

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