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Finally, Stage Set For Mega Heroine?

Finally, Stage Set For Mega Heroine?

Well, usually like political heirs, film heirs are mostly boys. However, girls are breaking the norm and carrying forward their family legacy. Though film families love to flaunt their star sons, most of them are not comfortable launching their daughters. 

In fact, most of them are married off to rich industrialists settled abroad.In the past, when Krishna's daughter Manjula wanted to get into films, his fans were against it. 

However, she later made a film and acted in it and also got an award for the film. Of course, she later went on to produce films and put in cameos. 

So was the case with Lakshmi Manchu and there was a time when Brahmanni also toyed with the idea for a very brief time.

So the latest news in T town is that Naga Babu's daughter Niharika has got the green signal to make her entry into films. It is known that she already hosts a couple of shows on TV and the audience have accepted her as a host.

However, Niharika too has been wanting to get into films and talk is that quite a few producers are keen on launching her. 

As for Naga Babu, he is said to have made it clear that he has no issues as long as Niharika wants to act.

The girl is already listening to scripts and it is said that she may be launched any time soon, once an appropriate script comes her way.