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Exclusive: Pawan Kalyan Puts MMM In A Fix

Exclusive: Pawan Kalyan Puts MMM In A Fix

Mythri Movie Makers wanted to do a movie with Pawan Kalyan as they want to work with all the top stars of Telugu cinema industry. They have already made a movie each with Mahesh and NTR and looking forward to launch Pawan’s film.

They contacted him through Trivikram and have paid around Rs. 10 crore in advance for the film. It had been more than a year since they paid the advance but Pawan Kalyan is yet to start working on their film.

With Pawan Kalyan getting busy with politics, a big question mark is hanging over his future plans as a film star.

Will Pawan Kalyan continue to do films or has he totally quit from doing them? Pawan hasn’t made it clear as yet and Naveen, one of the partners of Mythri Movie Makers contacted Power star to get a clarification.

Pawan has reportedly said that he will honor their agreement and start working on their film in six months.

He also added that he would return the advance if he fails to do their film in six months. Pawan also is ready to give them back their advance immediately, but after waiting for so many months how can them not wait for another six months to make a movie with the Powerstar.

So Rs. 10 crore of MMM has been locked with Powerstar for another six months. Will Pawan Kalyan get back to sets by then or will get busier with his political plans? Only time will tell.



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