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Even Low Budget Films Are Giving Him Nightmares!

Even Low Budget Films Are Giving Him Nightmares!

Young Actor Nikhil has been waiting for so long to see his film Arjun Suravaram to be out in theaters. After multiple postponements and numerous changes to it, the film is finally hitting the screens on Nov 29. 

Luckily, Nikhil doesn't have any big films to deal with during that time. However, a couple of small films will be releasing on the same day though.

In fact it should be worrisome for the makers of those low budget films to take on a notable film like Arjun Suravaram. 

Instead, Nikhil is reportedly worried about the small films releasing on Nov 29 and he is in talks with the producers of those films. He is requesting them to postpone their films so that Arjun Suravaram gets a solo release.

If the buzz is true, Nikhil should relax a bit and rest assured that his film would anyway click if it is worth the wait. 

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