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Director's 'Tantric Worship' To Score A Hit

Director's 'Tantric Worship' To Score A Hit

There is a director known for his high-voltage films. He has delivered many hits with a hero and has been accustomed to performing 'Tantric' pujas for the success of his films. He began this practice sometime in 2021 and achieved a big hit then. 

He became an ardent believer in that 'tantric' worship and attempted to do the same again last year in 2023 before the release of his subsequent film. However, that film turned out to be the biggest disaster. Apart from that, the film received huge trolls and memes targeting the director.

Reacting to this, he questioned the priest who suggested and performed that puja why it didn't work this time. It is said that the priest clarified him, stating that his job is only to perform the ritual, but the result-giver is only the goddess.

In a way, the priest suggested to the director to address any grievances or complaints only to the goddess, not to him. 

After this, the director became silent and began preparing for his next film. 

It is not known if he appealed his grievance to the goddess or apologized to the goddess, realizing the senseless film he made and presented before her with the demand of making it a hit.


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