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Director's Nasty Drunken Dance At Diwali Party

Director's Nasty Drunken Dance At Diwali Party

He is a small-time director, constantly in search of the perfect film. A major production house bestowed various responsibilities upon him, believing in his working style.

Although it is a bit different to deal day-to-day with corporate business, this director has consistently performed admirably, maintaining a sense of decency throughout the years.

The incident at the recent Diwali party appears to have taken an unexpected turn.

To celebrate Diwali, the organization hosted an enjoyable event, extending invitations to all individuals associated with their film productions.

Those accustomed to such gatherings indulged in having a few pegs of alcohol, leading to an unexpected turn of events.

As this director also enjoyed a couple of drinks, his true nature came out.

The situation removed the filter inside the director, and he engaged in mass and gay style dances. He also performed some objectionable vulgar acts in alcoholic inebriation.

Consequently, the management was shocked and disgusted, witnessing the director's authentic self. Finally, the director's office cabin was also relocated to another place.

That's why they say - alcohol is always potentially disgraceful.


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