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Director Asks For Balance Payment, 'Not Now,' Says Producer

Director Asks For Balance Payment, 'Not Now,' Says Producer

The cinema trade has come to a standstill due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic and producers are clueless about when things get back to normal.

Cinema theaters remain closed with no hope of resumption of business in the near future.

Producers who had invested huge amounts in the films that are ready for release are in a financial mess.

Even the producers that are prompt with their payments are not clearing the dues during these trying times.

A Tollywood director of a movie was paid Rs 70 lakh in advance. He asked for the balance payment as he handed over the final cut of the movie to the producer.

However, the producer said that he cannot clear dues until the movie is out in theaters. If this is the response of a top producer, then the spite of low budget films and directors can be imagined.

Telugu Cinema has run into the worst slump ever and it is going to be an uphill task in the coming days. 


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