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Dil Raju Lost His Judgement Capacity?

Dil Raju Lost His Judgement Capacity?

Success is not permanent. Sensibilities and judgement capabilities are also not always the same.

Dil Raju became popular with his films Bommarillu, Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and Satamanam Bhavathi. But eventually his film Srinivasa Kalyanam failed miserably.

The disaster was so big and then he banked all his hopes on Janu, a Tamil remake.

He watched 96 in Tamil and decided within the theater to remake the same into Telugu and thus Janu has seen the light. In spite of the good combination, the film ended up as a disaster.

Now the fresh debacle is 'Thank You' which was released this week. It is a shock so see how he could accept this story line to make it into a film.

He did a set up of sucecssful combination but nothing worked finally. The film made pitiful openings everywhere.

Dil Raju should know where the things are going wrong. Has he really lost the judgement? Or the technicians failed to deliver as per the promise?

He needs to pick up the subjects very carefully and should also understand that bringing the big names on board may not always save the film.

He needs to be vigilant at every point of script and production.


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