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Controversial 'King' Insists for a Heroine!

Controversial 'King' Insists for a Heroine!

The film industry is a place where strange incidents take place. Politicians and businessmen also maintain good relations and friendships with film celebrities.

From time to time, filmmakers face recommendations regarding casting from businessmen and politicians. While some recommend, but some politicians put pressure on the filmmakers to cast their “favorite” heroines.

One such incident has come to light very lately.

This businessman turned politician who has been hitting the headlines has good relations with several producers. Two years ago, he reportedly put pressure on a producer who was then producing a romantic love story with one of the mega heroes.

The team had already cast a popular heroine, but he asked the producer to sack that actress and replace her with his ‘favorite heroine’.

The producer was surprised with his relentless pressure for a heroine. This glamour girl is part of a big blockbuster and some flops as well.

How did this bubbly beauty become so close to this ‘king’ of controversies? But the producer didn’t budge to his pressure as he had already cast a North Indian beauty.

This incident came to light thanks to his recent controversies. He seems to be involved in such matters related to heroines as well.

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