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Buzz: Young Hero In Live-In Relationship

Buzz: Young Hero In Live-In Relationship

Though this young and energetic hero has had no success in recent times, he is making his own attempts to revive his career. He is releasing his films in a minimum gap.

The hero is branded for love stories on screen and in personal life as well he has started a love story and engaged in a live-in relationship.

His favourite holiday spot is Goa. So his live-in is in Goa. No one knows if he will take this relationship to wedlock down the line but as of now both are in deep romance as per industry talk.

One good thing that happened to this hero is that he is spending more time with the girl, or otherwise his favorite pastime every night is only binge consumption of alcohol.

He is flying between Hyderabad and Goa at least twice a week. This news is revealed because of his absence from one of his dubbing sessions.

When asked why he was absent, the Goa matter was leaked. This hero also announced that he wouldn't marry for another two years. Probably this Goa matter would be the reason for that delay.


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