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Buzz: No Financiers For This Heroes' Films

Buzz: No Financiers For This Heroes' Films

Big or small, days won't be same for the film heroes. They may enjoy stardom showing off their airs and indicipline but one day things go upside down. 

We are talking about the plight of a hero who is not getting financiers to support the producers of his films.

The only reason is that no one knows when his films would start and complete. So the financiers have to lock their money for longer duration though the interest is honored. 

Already three of this hero's films are in either planning or in shooting stage. No one knows when they can be completed. 

Financiers are now dictating terms to the film makers to come up with clairty on the total duration of the film production. They are ready to extend their funding only for the credible and promising projects.


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