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Buzz: Mehreen's Cheap Trick is Exposed

Buzz: Mehreen's Cheap Trick is Exposed

A production house cleared the bill of a heroine when she put Rs 1.37 lakhs and Rs 1.40 lakhs respectively as her laundry and food expenses. This is in addition to the remuneration of Rs 65 lakhs and the hotel accommodation and travel expenses.

This is about Mehreen Pirzada Kaur. She is said to have charged these bills to the producer of ‘Aswathama’ starring Naga Shaurya.

She acted as a lead heroine in the film that hit the screens last month. However, a news article that appeared in an English daily recently said that the producers didn’t clear the bill of her hotel accommodation infuriating her to check out the hotel in a huff.

This news has gone viral. However, when we started digging further in this matter, the picture is different.

Except withholding Rs 10 lakhs, the producers paid her remuneration beforehand totally. They thought of clearing the remaining 10 lakhs to her after completing the promotions of the movie.

But she constantly came with lame excuses to avoid attending promotions. This has made the producers angry. Then the production confronted her on this.

Instead of giving proper clarification, she checked out the hotel without informing them. However, the producers cleared the bill of her stay at Park Hyatt only to keep the production house’s brand name intact at the luxury hotel.

Food bill for one meal – Rs 7500
Laundry cost for a single day – Rs 27,000
Pay towards personal costume designer – 5.40 lakhs

Still, this heroine squarely put the blame on the producers and planted the news in media against them.

Her manager confirmed to us that the producers cleared her accommodation bill without any issue. Then why did she make so much fuss?

Perhaps fearing that the producers may tom-tom her unprofessional attitude, she must have come up with this gossip about the makers.



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