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Buzz: Director Says No To Children?

Buzz: Director Says No To Children?

There are some people who voluntarily give up begetting children. The reasons may be many but some would be not being able to beget due to medical reasons or else by choice to lead a less burdened life.

We have a film director who might have been influenced by RGV's ideology. He was married a few years ago but says 'no' to children. But the reason he cited is peculiar. He says that nurturing children is an expensive and emotionally straining affair.

Even after doing all that there is no guarantee that they would look after in our old age, he says. So he kept away from becoming a father.

Many wonder hearing the word 'expensive'. Even the poorest of the poor are happily bringing up their children. Will it be difficult for a film director who earns crores of rupees as remuneration for each film?

Sources say that the director and his wife live far away from each other and don't continue to live together regularly. Probably, living together also might be an emotionally straining affair for the director, comment a few.


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