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Buzz: Balayya Transfers His OCD To Boyapati

Buzz: Balayya Transfers His OCD To Boyapati

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- this psychological term is defined as 'a personality disorder characterized by excessive orderliness, perfectionism, attention to details, and a need for control in relating to others'.

This phenomenon seems to be happening to the people who are very close to Balakrishna. 

It is known that Balayya is obsessed with astrology, muhurtams, sentiments, poojas and many things. He has been following them in his way though they appear odd to the outsiders. 

"He gets disturbed when something goes out of order with respect to his muhurtams and understands this OCD as 'discipline'. He feels he is powerful due to the blessings of muhurtams", says an insider. 

Recently, Mytri Movies Naveen and Gopichand Malineni wanted to meet Balayya and called him. Balayya fixed the muhurtam for the meeting as told them to start only at a particular time from home. 

Freshly there is a gossip that Boyapati Srinivas, the director who strikes the mind of anyone as an ardent hero worshipper of Balakrishna is also following this lifestyle of Balayya with respect to sentiments and muhurtams for each and every trivial thing. If the auspicious time strikes in the dawn, he comes out at that time, makes some rounds outside and attends the work after that.

While he is taking it as a right thing to do, many understand this as an OCD.

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