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Bigg Boss News: Tamanna Simhadri Evicted

Bigg Boss News: Tamanna Simhadri Evicted

It is a no brainer for anybody who is following Bigg Boss season 3. As expected, Tamanna Simhadri got evicted from the show.

Transwoman Tamanna entered the house in the second week as wild card entrant and straightaway started creating differences between the members.

Later, she targeted Ali Reza during a task and made some derogatory remarks against him.

Tamanna even challenged that she would ruin Ali's career after going out of the house. People started hating her from that point and she didn't try to correct her behavior.

She went after actor Ravi Krishna when he nominated her and called him 'impotent'. From this point there was no other option for audience but to kick Tamanna out of the house.

She started behaving better after that incident, but the damage has been done already.

Tamanna couldn't catch up on the voting charts and got least number of votes among the nominated contestants.

Tamanna has been evicted from the show, but the elimination episode will be aired on TV on Sunday evening. 

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