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Bhanupriya's Career Was Spoiled By This Producer

Bhanupriya's Career Was Spoiled By This Producer

Bhanupriya was one of the most talented actresses of her generation. She was not only good looking but was also a very versatile actress. Bhanupriya was also an accomplished dancer and she put her dancing skills to good effect in many films.

Bhanupriya was racing her way to the top in the 80s when she attracted the attention of a well-known producer. This big producer was not keen on making a film with her. He was attracted by her beauty and figure. He desperately tried to woo her. He longed to have her company.

The said producer is a very big name in the industry now. Many people actually shiver with fear when his name is mentioned. The producer is also related a very big hero. The producer could not digest the rebuke of Bhanupriya. He was so hurt and shocked by her rejection that he wowed to finish off her career. 

If one looks at the way she disappeared from the scene after making a very promising start, one can clearly figure out that the producer did succeed in his mission to fish off her film career. 

Bhanupriya has now comeback and is doing some bit roles, but she would have become the number one heroine in Tollywood, but for this wicked producer she lost.