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USA Box-office: Dull Show This Weekend

USA Box-office: Dull Show This Weekend

Telugu films are under performing this weekend. Not a single movie scored decent collection. This is a big shock to the distributors. This year all the new releases have got stunning openings but this weekend, new releases as well as earlier movies have scored way below.

Nagarjuna's "Om Namo Venkatesaya" just grossed mere 27k dollars on Friday. Its Thursday premeire shows were also shockingly low. It needs to perform on extraordinary note to show any growth over this weekend.

Suriya's "Singam 3" also reported just 46k dollars on Friday. The movie's overall collections so far including Tamil and Telugu versions are just about $100+k.

On the other hand, "Nenu Local" is also not showing any growth this weekend. On Friday, it got just $21k dollars. It needs another 120k dollars to touch the million-dollars mark. So the movie needs to perform very strongly this weekend.

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