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Super Hit A Aa Collections Report

Super Hit A Aa Collections Report

Trivikram’s Celluloid A Aa is one of the biggest hits of the year. Even though A Aa was released late in summer it has reaped profits for its buyers and makers.

It could have entered the elite 50 crore club had it released a week earlier. Trivikram’s actual plan was to release it during peak summer to cash in on the summer vacation.

A Aa missed out on making more money as its collections dipped after the reopening of schools. Nevertheless A Aa was a genuine super hit film as everyone who invested money in it have reaped profits.

Nizam and overseas buyers are biggest benefiters as A Aa performed exceptionally well in these territories. It performed superbly in Uttarandhra and did decent business across Andhra and Ceded.

A Aa was sold for around 30 crore and it has collected a distributor share of 47.4 crore in its theatrical run. Here is the final break up of collections of A Aa that fell just shy of fifty crore mark.

Nizam : 13.2 Cr
Uttarandhra: 4.3 Cr
Ceded: 4.2 Cr
Guntur: 2.5 Cr
East: 2.45 Cr
West: 2.05 Cr
Krishna: 2.25 Cr
Nellore: 1 Cr
USA: 10.65 Cr
Karnataka: 3 Cr
ROI: 0.80 Cr
ROW: 1 Cr
Total: 47.4 Cr

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