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Poor Openings For New Releases

Poor Openings For New Releases

The opening collections for the new releases "Srrastu Subhamastu" and "Manamantha" are dismal. While "Srirastu Subhamastu" received somewhat fairly average reviews, "Manamantha" got thumbs up from the critics but both the movies have failed to bring in the audiences to the theaters.

Since "Srirastu Subhamastu" is produced by Geetha Arts and has advertised pretty well, trade analysts expected the movie set screens on fire. Although Allu Sirish's earlier movie "Kotha Janta" was a decent hit, audiences didn't come to see this. Since the movie got the wide release, per screen count is too low.

"Manamantha", a heart-warming film by Chandrasekhar Yeleti, won the appreciation from all critics but it was not properly publicized. Though Mohanlal a big star in Kerala, he is not that familiar in AP and Telangana. And the promotions for the movie were completely dull. No major promotional event conducted for the movie before the release. Hence despite good talk, the movie didn't set cash registers ringing.

On the other hand, both these movies failed to post respectable figures at USA box-office. While "Manamantha" has received $24K, "Srirastu Subhamastu" raked in mere $7K.