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    Failed Deal With NTR Brother-In-Law's Film
    We have reported that NTR's brother in law (son of Narne Srinivas) is making a debut as a hero.
    Exclusive: Bad News For NTR - Trivikram Fans
    This is a bitter news for the fans of the hero and the director. The inside sources say that there is a permanent brake for the proposed film in the combination of NTR and Trivikram.
    Buzz: Smart Heroine Bagging Offers Intelligently
    All it needs is intelligent way of dealing relations in the film industry that build the career of any hero or heroine. While success brings stardom, intelligence makes the show run.
    Corona Tensions Surrounding 'Vakeel Saab'
    Many plans are made to mint the collections for Vakeel Saab. Many expectations are formed with regard to the business.
    Buzz: Director Troubling Everyone With Anger
    Directors face different tensions while making the film. Generally they express their anger or unrest on the members of their department but maintain cool with others.
    Buzz: Film Nagar Talk About Lustful Writer
    In spite of several #MeToo allegations on several film celebrities some time ago, nothing seems to be changed.
    Buzz: NTR Has Different Plans for TDP
    Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary is the latest Telugu Desam leader to join the chorus of NTR’s song.
    Trivikram's Shocking Remuneration For 1 Day Work
    It is a known fact that celebrities get huge pay packs while working for commercial advertisements.
    'Rang De' Director Insulted Brahmins?
    There are many Telugu films that have shown Brahmins in a bad light. After some serious agitations, many filmmakers have been taking extra care while dealing with the caste elements in scenes or dialogues.
    Shocking 'Odd' Point In 'Love Story'
    The directors these days are coming up with something new in their films. While some are successfully making the people accept the newness, some are stumbling.
    Personal Staff Created Rift Between Mega Brothers?
    The two happening mega brothers are Saidharam Tej and Vaishnav Tej. After the stupendous success of 'Uppena' Vaishnav Tej is almost considered to be a big star.
    Big Hero and Top Heroine Not on Talking Terms
    The top star and the beautiful lass have acted together in an upcoming romantic drama. Striking chemistry between them is palpable.
    Buzz: Director's Career In Doldrums Due To Producers
    Some producers are over cautious about their films. There is no wrong in that as long as it helps them. But sometimes. they hire a director but don't rely completely on him.
    Buzz: Shocking Remuneration To 'Pushpa' Villain
    It is already revealed that Pushpa, the film happening in the Sukumar-Bunny combo has roped in the most talented Malayalam actor Fahadh Faasil to play the villain.
    Dil Raju's New Tensions With Vakeel Saab
    Dil Raju produced several films. He was never seen feeling tensed about any release. But now, the sources say that he is a bit nervous as the release time of "Vakeelsaab" is approaching.
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