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Wife comes to US techie's funeral, beaten by in-laws

HYDERABAD: The parents of deceased Seattle techie, Madhukar Reddy Gudur, who was found hanging at his house in Seattle in United States on April 4, attacked his wife Swathi and her family at Reddy’s funeral on Tuesday.

Parents of Madhukar Reddy, whose body reached Bhongir town in Telangana on Tuesday, allege that their daughter-in-law Swathi is responsible for his death.

The family was preparing for the last rites when Swathi and her family arrived for the cremation. Swathi was attacked by Reddy’s family members, and thrashed by the father Bal Reddy, who also attacked the relatives who came for to rescue her.  

Later, Swathi filed a case with local police complaining about threat to life by Madhukar Reddy Gudur's family members. Meanwhile, Bal Reddy continued to allege that Swathi was responsible for Madhukar’s death.

She told a TV channel that she herself had asked for divorce because of his mood swings. "I told his parents to come to the US and observe him. If his behaviour towards me was abnormal, it meant that he was no longer interested in me and the way out was divorce," she said.

Swathi said Madhukar responded to her text message on April 4. In the afternoon also he replied cheerfully . "However, when I went home in the evening, I found him hanging," she said.

Swathi said she had medical records of Madhukar to prove that he was undergoing psychiatric counselling.

She said one of the reasons for his depression was that the family was losing land in Bhongir, and the main reason was `work related' as he himself had told doctors.

She also said he had worried that his siblings had not returned large sums of money that they had taken from him.

"The down payment for the house we bought in the US was made from my earnings," she said.



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