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When the BCCI boss Sourav Ganguly got angry

When the BCCI boss Sourav Ganguly got angry

There's no doubt the cricketing world will keenly follow every move of the new BCCI president Sourav Ganguly, considering his reputation as a successful leader who’s now in-charge of the most powerful cricket board on the planet.

The other day, our friend from South Africa, journalist Lungani Zama, shared a Ganguly anecdote on Twitter.

Zama, who’s in India covering the South African cricket team’s tour to the country, wrote that back in 2003 when Ganguly was leading India in the ICC Cricket World Cup in South Africa, Zama was an attendant of the dressing room the Indians were occupying.

He wrote that Ganguly was extremely angry to find that the security guard had used his bat as a door stopper and pulled up Zama for that.

A couple of hours later, Ganguly went on to score a hundred using the same bat.

“Formidable temper, but heck of a temperament,” Zama tweeted.



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