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Viral: Drunk woman kicks police officer

Viral: Drunk woman kicks police officer

Videos of a drunken lady berating police officers, her taxi driver, and onlookers on the street have recently gone popular on Twitter.

Enraged taxi drivers and passersby who saw the woman's behavior recorded her as she lingered on the streets and verbally abused police officers, all while apparently under the influence of alcohol.

In spite of the girl's persistent misbehaviour, the police officer remained composed and attempted to push her away.

She is also seen snatching the officer’s mask in the video. The location in the video is not known but it seems somewhere in Maharashtra as the police officer's badge shows Maharashtra Police and people are heard speaking in Marathi.

Clip shows policeman talking to someone on the phone. In the middle of the road, the female can be seen grasping his collar and threatening him.

The girl then makes an attempt to kick and pull the officer's hair. After stealing the officer's mask, the young lady proceeds to approach the camera that is capturing the whole situation.

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