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Video: Stop hate crimes against Indians

The recent shooting down of Indian American Srinivas Kuchibhotla by an American at a Kansas bar in an alleged hate crime has woken up several Indian organisations from slumber and they have now started raising their voice against these alleged hate crimes and giving suggestions to the fellow Indians on what to do and what not.

Ricky Patel, senior partner of Farrel and Patel, a US-based law firm, expressed shock over the growing incidents of hate crimes in the US.

He recalled an incident that happened a week ago in which an Indian who was running a hotel in the US was attacked by a miscreant, who looked like an American.

Patel showed a video clipping of the incident, in which the attacker, along with his dog, was found pushing and trying to assault the hotel owner calling him a Muslim and saying that he would kill the Muslims. Even before the incident blew up into yet another killing, the police entered the scene and took the American away.

“This is disgusting. They feel Indians are a threat to them. We are not a threat. We are all American citizens with Indian ethnicity. And all others, irrespective of whether they are Muslims, Sikhs and Gujaratis are all Americans, because they have been living in the US for several years,” Patel said.

He said such incidents have been happening in America of late. “This should not happen. America is a great country which imbibed people of all countries. There are over 35,000 Indian American doctors in the USA. Nearly 50 per cent of the hotels in the US are owned by Indians. They are hard-working people. They have come to the US for better life and prosperity. Now, I myself am worried about me and my children. This should be stopped,” he said.



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