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USA To Come Up With 4 Day Work A Week?

USA To Come Up With 4 Day Work A Week?

As the economy experiences recessionary concerns, some experts are considering whether a 4-day workweek would be beneficial. Currently, the standard workweek in the United States is 5 days, but reducing it by another day would result in a longer weekend. This could encourage employees to take time off, leading to a shift in focus from work to leisure.

On the other hand, the growing AI revolution, exemplified by the emergence of AI-powered models like ChatGPT, has caused alarm that millions of jobs could be lost, leading to a long and severe recession. If humans only work 4 days a week, the remaining 3 days could be taken over by AI, further reducing the need for human labor. 

Previous technological advancements, such as ATMs and mobile devices, have already reduced the number of jobs in various industries, and the growth of AI threatens to exacerbate this trend.

However, some younger workers see the 4-day workweek as an opportunity to pursue alternative business or employment opportunities during the extra three days. This could lead to an increase in moonlighting, or working multiple jobs. If the multinational corporations in the United States adopt a 4-day workweek, it could prompt other companies to follow suit, including their branches in other countries.

While there are certainly logistics to be considered, the potential for increased morale and employee satisfaction make the 4-day workweek a promising prospect. 

However, there is also the possibility that this shift could come at the cost of productivity. The effects of such a change will require further examination and observation.


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